There are a number of stages Product Owners go through when they decide to embark on the journey of developing software. At WorkingMouse, we understand these stages can feel like an emotional rollercoaster, so we have developed a number of strategies to cope with mitigating the risks involved.

As our diagram below shows, at the beginning of a new project spirits are relatively high and everyone, particularly the Product Owner, is excited. However, despite the variety of parties involved in the development of a software application, it is often the Product Owner who is the first to to fall into a trough. The reason this tends to happen is because their natural tendency to be overly optimistic about their idea is often combined with inexperience in software development. This results in a need for developers to manage client expectations about how much work is involved from their side of the fence when software development kicks off. Contrary to popular belief, software isn’t just developed by the software engineers in a dark room. At WorkingMouse it’s a collaborative approach and we go on this journey together.