We have a macro problem with IT and how organisations develop, maintain, and modernise software systems.
Software is getting more complex and costly to build, support, and upgrade. As a result, IT backlogs are getting longer and projects fail with alarming regularity (CIO.com and PMI.org).

These issues are exacerbated by ever increasing demand for software. This demand is fueled by a skyrocketing urgency for digital transformation across all industries and in all markets.


There are no longer any meaningful distinctions between ‘economy’ and ‘digital economy’. Forrester’s Nigel Fenwick says all organisations will either be a digital predator or digital prey by 2020.
This prediction makes sense when we consider how many software solutions there are. Everything from financials, CRM, scheduling, brainstorming and more, has an app. The average organisation uses nearly 100 cloud services.
Digitisation is increasing rapidly, especially in startups and global conglomerates.
Digitisation is less likely to yield a competitive advantage these days. Participating in the digital economy is no longer optional, it’s essential. And turning up is no longer enough. Modernisation needs to be a continuous process and high priority.